Over the years, ASEAN has developed and implemented various cooperation projects undertaken within and outside of ASEAN Member States. These projects are carried out either through cooperation among ASEAN Member States or in partnership with ASEAN External Partners. The ASEAN cooperation projects aim at supporting the overall goal of ASEAN integration. They focus on addressing regional challenges and issues to avoid duplications with efforts that are already implemented at the national or local levels.

In the ASEAN Context, development cooperation refers to the ASEAN Cooperation Projects aimed at addressing regional challenges and issues. ASEAN Cooperation Projects are one of the implementing vehicles for the various development interventions, goals and objectives which are set out under the ASEAN Vision 2025: Forging Ahead Together. This framework encompasses ASEAN Community Blueprints which guide political security, economic and socio-cultural cooperation. In general, ASEAN Cooperation Projects are initiatives proposed and sponsored by ASEAN bodies and entities that should support ASEAN Community integration efforts. It may or may not involve collaborations with ASEAN External Partners.