Accreditation Process


The accreditation process is regulated by the Guidelines on Accreditation of Entities Associated with ASEAN or the Guidelines on Accreditation of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) 2012. Entities seeking accreditation shall comply with these general criteria as follows: non-profit in nature, minimum of two years existence in ASEAN, having a registered office in ASEAN Member State(s), and membership coming from a relatively even spread of the ASEAN Member States.

A natural or juridical person that supports ASEAN’s purposes and principles may apply to become an entity associated with ASEAN by undertaking the accreditation process. The accreditation process is digitized in this Entities Platform to help both the entities seeking accreditation and ASEAN Secretariat to keep track of pending documents, sending real-time correspondence regarding the required documents and its accountabilities. This platform will also allow the entities to check whether the submitted documents are satisfactory according to the Guidelines after being directly checked by the ASEAN Secretariat.

Aside from accreditation process, entities seeking accreditation may also use this platform to familiarize themselves with latest updates from the ASEAN Secretariat and accredited entities. Although entities seeking accreditation could not initiate a discussion or publish information on the platform yet, it may benefit from reading the discussion and learning the method of engagement by ASEAN Centres and accredited entities.