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The entities associated with ASEAN are accredited organisations that abide by the purposes, principles, policies, guidelines and other decisions of ASEAN. Accredited entities are obliged to support ASEAN’s objectives and purposes. These entities are listed under Annex II of the ASEAN Charter. ASEAN engagement with associated entities is prescribed in Article 16 of the ASEAN Charter, and guided by the Rules of Procedures and Criteria for Engagement for Entities Associated with ASEAN and its Annexes.

Within ASEAN’s context, there are five (5) classifications of associated entities, namely: a) Parliamentarians and Judiciaries; b) Think Tanks and Academic Institutions; c) Civil Society Organisations; d) Business Organisations; and e) Other Stakeholders.

The entities associated with ASEAN enjoy several privileges which include the authorisation to use ASEAN name, emblem, flag and anthem in its work, among others. These privileges are granted to help accredited entities carrying ASEAN messages to support ASEAN’s objectives and purposes. Additionally, accredited entities are also given the opportunity to access ASEAN Development Fund through the ASEAN Project Cooperation Management. Integral to these privileges, the entities are obligated to respect diversities within ASEAN as well as particularities of individual ASEAN Member State, comply with the prevailing national laws and regulations of the concerned ASEAN Member State where its activities/ programmes take place. They are required to submit annually a written summary of its activities and completed financial statement to the Committee of Permanent Representatives through the ASEAN Secretariat.

The digital platform for entities is created to elevate the entities’ engagement with ASEAN Secretariat, and between accredited entities. In this platform, accredited entities may publish information about their events and publications, and engage in discussion for collaboration among themselves. Further, this platform also enables accredited entities to communicate directly with the ASEAN Secretariat and other entities in a real-time basis. Accredited entities will receive a username and password to access this platform, and can edit their own profiles according to their preference.

By maximizing the use of this platform which is administered by ASEC, accredited entities will be kept abreast with the latest updates from ASEAN and fellow accredited entities. It is designed to facilitate direct engagement between the entities and ASEAN, and among the entities themselves.

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