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• ASEAN Autism Network (AAN) Executive Committee Meeting 30 September 2022

ASEAN Autism Network (AAN) conducted its monthly Executive Committee Meeting of the year on Friday, September 30, 2022. The meeting was held online and it was as usual talking about their country monthly progress reports. The meeting started with Mr. Cason update about the NASOM. Mr. Cason stated that he just appointed as the “Honorary Secretary” and mentioned that he wanted to make sure how many participants of each country will get in for the KL Conference. Mr. Cason Ong later stated that he is trying to check all the facilities for the zoom conference in the KL to accommodate the remaining of members for each country that cannot attend the upcoming KL Conference. After a short brief about the explanation of KL Conference event by Mr. Cason Ong, Ms. Candy Tolosa discussed about the budget for its event. Due to the inconstant budget prices for ticket to Kuala Lumpur, Ms. Candy stated that the each country can be booking their own flight ticket, and will be refunding the budget what has posted in the email. Then, one of the association members of AAN, Mongolia stated that they will hold the board meeting regarding the KL Conference. But, unfortunately due to the same experience that Mongolia was also facing the expensive price and high dollar rates to KL, they were not be able to join.


Dr. Samrerng (Sam) Virachanang mentioned that until the meet up on next month, they chose ‘no’ for the final result, but as the association, they have to set up the passport and name. Later, Dr. Sam stated that he and the other participant for the upcoming KL conference meeting will book the flight next week to cut and avoid the price increments of US Dollar. Then Dr. Sam said that their association and foundation were moving ahead very fast in the last 5 years by conducting the training of “Adult Career Development,” and now they expand to alliance or network.


Mr. Cason Ong gave the topic for KL Conference 2022 namely, “Autism Adults Employment and Its Challenges.” Mr. Cason stated that all countries will be able to give their input of their respective countries to this title, “What are the challenges,” “What it has to be done,” and “What can be done.” Mr. Cason also gave the duration about 20 minutes of each country to present in PowerPoint or anything that they have.





Dr. Adriana Ginanjar gave the updates regarding the situation in Indonesia and stated that some of them are full offline and hybrid (online or offline). Dr. Adriana stated that YAI already made several webinar regarding the topic about employment and challenges by going through the workshop for parents, and they will present it in the upcoming KL Conference. Dr. Adriana also introduced Mr. Iki (Frederick Rotty). Mr. Iki would be the representation of YAI, replacing Dr. Adriana who would be resigning after more than 6 years of holding the position.


Mr. Syvang Xayyavong explained about the attending for KL Conference and the new chairman, Dr. Thatsana Phenglawong. Mr. Syvang expressed the apologies for not being able to attend the upcoming KL Conference, due to clash with the upcoming meeting in Japan. Mr. Syvang also mentioned and nominated Ms. Viengsam Indavong and Dr. Thatsana Phenglawong to join the upcoming KL Conference. Mr. Syvang stated that the ministry of education received an association, and they requested them to support the area to set up the facilities of the training for people with autism.


Mr. Chan Sarin presentated the finalized of the master plan of Takhmao Special Education High School.


Mr. Sarin mentioned the budgets of the school with the total more than 1 (One) Million Dollar to build. The school building is for the Cambodian children with developmental disorders. Mr. Sarin mentioned that the school will feature 3 new buildings. The first one is the free school for autism, the second is for the primary education, and the third is the high school for the children with autism. The building rooms that will feature in that building, such as consultation room, emergency medical room, classrooms, registration room, toilets, conference room, waiting room, and disability ease-of-access features. Mr. Sarin also reported that he held a meeting with Mr. Somchai for collaboration between AAN Cambodia and APCD, planning to build a community center for learning autism development. Mr. Sarin also wishes to collaborate and share projects with Mr. Cason and Ms. Dang Koe for future AAN projects, especially in Cambodia.


Ms. Pham Kim Tam talked about the participants who will join the KL Conference and the situations in Vietnam which is back to normal. Ms. Pham Kim Tam mentioned that the childrens who need to study increased. But, unfortunately there are not enough of teachers for demands.



Ms. Cecile Sicam reported about they’re getting a lot of so many requests for “Autism Sensitivity and Response” from government agencies, schools, and corporations, especially for the employees who have children on the spectrum. Ms. Cecile mentioned that due to the high rate demand, they have opened up the “Speakers’ Bureau Program” to train their own ASP members as well their own chapter leaders to speak and deliver the autism sensitivity training. Ms. Cecile also told that they launched the new ASP logo and brand, and they also standardized the presentation. Ms. Cecile wishes that they are “Moving Beyond” for autism awareness, and work on acceptance and accommodation for people on the spectrum. Ms. Cecile also mentioned that they will have the regular weekend podcasts, friendly support group meetings in different provinces, also they are continuing their employment programme.


Ms. Amarbuyan Amar, Autism Association of Mongolia, reported that Mongolia is preparing for the long winter ahead, and as for organization activities, Autism Association of Mongolia is starting up a parents’ network for fundraising and other activities. Additionally they are working with JICA and the Ministry of Culture of Mongolia on job coaching for young adults on the spectrum of Mongolia.


Ms. Supaanong (NuNu) Panyasirimongkol from APCD reported that there is a questionnaire to follow up their CDP project that they conducted last year, and it should be submitted before 10 October, so they could forward to their Japanese results person team and it was already sent to Whatsapp group. Mr. Somchai Rungsilp also announced regarding the meeting and the schedule for “ESCAP’s High-Level Intergovernmental Meeting” with AAN Secretariat, YAI, and ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, in 19-21 October. Mr. Somchai also mentioned that they will discuss with the title about “AAN move forward to promoting regional autism movement for the next decade of the APCD” from 2023 to 2032. Ms. Siriporn (Siri) Praserdchat discussed about the air ticket, reimbursement and the confirmation for AAN Congress participants who will attend in the upcoming KL Conference as soon as possible as APCD needs to book the flights immediately.



Ms. Candy Tolosa discussed about the budgets and the flight ticket prices for AAN Congress in KL. Ms. Candy Tolosa mentioned that she needed an approval from Mr. Cason Ong, Mr. Somchai Rungsilp and the rest of executive board members about the possibility that whatever the budgets that they have, based on the budget prices that was updated as of 8 September 2022. Ms. Candy Tolosa also reminded that all participants should be booking first, because as it’s getting closer to the date, the ticket prices are getting higher. Later on, Mr. Syvang stated that they should make a separate room between Ms. Viengsam and Dr. Thatsana. Then, Mr. Cason made a statement about the separation room for different genders between male and female.


Next, Mr. Chan Sarin asked other AAN members if they have special education high schools in their respective countries. Mr. Cason responded that there are separated SPED (special education) high schools and the classes for each disability. Dr. Sam also replied that there are separated special disability schools in Thailand. Last but not least, Mr. Cason also reminded to confirm the number of people attending, add the additional room, and the main topic that will be discussed later in KL Conference.


Sep 30 2022


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