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ASEAN Autism Network (AAN) Executive Committee Meeting 28 February 2023

ASEAN Autism Network (AAN) conducted its monthly Executive Committee Meeting of the year on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. The meeting was held online, and it was discussing about the ASEAN Autism Mapping Phase II, as well the upcoming activities in the future.


The meeting started with Ms. Dang Koe, from ASP presented the highlight of ASP’s ‘Angels Walk for Autism’ 2023 event, themed “Here We Grow Again.” Ms. Dang Koe mentioned the events that included for the Angels Walk are the talent show, program proper that includes the recognition of partners, the walk, as well the ASP AUthletics. Ms. Dang Koe also told the partners that will participate the event, including AAN, Miss Universe of Philippines, SMX Mall, etc.


Ms. Dang Koe suggested the assigning of an Autism Self-Advocate representative from each country to deliver their opening declarations in a documentation format, compile, and edit them together. Ms. Dang Koe also gave an example that aside from the Angles Walk in Manila, they also have the Angels Walk in the other cities, including the instruction of opening prayer, such as the first one representative will be live broadcasted, delivering the first part of prayer, then the second and the third representative will be delivered from the certain city with a recorded video, and the last part will be back to the first one representative. Ms. Dang Koe also said that the declarations should be done before the first “Autism Walk” of any ASEAN members, so that they’re already be able to show it.


Mr. Cason Ong, from NASOM suggested that the AAN Walk for Autism event should be conducted before Eid-Al Fitr holidays. The event will be individually coordinated, since it’s difficult to coordinate the event together simultaneously. Mr. Cason replied to Ms. Dang Koe’s suggestions that what they can do is to set the deadline for the walk, and what can be expected is up to each countries.


Mr. Frederik (Iki) Rotty, from YAI provided an opinion that the opening declarations video should be recorded in their national languages, then translate it and using the subtitles in English language.


Ms. Candy Hernandez, M.Si asked to reach out and add in Timor Leste representatives to join AAN, since Timor Leste has been officially joined as a part of ASEAN, so that Timor Leste could join the events that provide by AAN in the future. Ms. Candy said that last time along with Mr. Somchai Rungsilp during the UNESCAP, they met one of the representative, and Ms. Candy also said that she will try to get the contacts from Timor Leste.


Ms. Supaanong (NuNu) Panyasirimongkol, from APCD discussed about the ASEAN Autism Mapping (AAM) Phase II. Ms. NuNu later reported that so far, there are only 4 member countries that have accepted and given the feedback on the AAM Phase II Concept Note. Ms. NuNu said that she needs all member countries to participate and give the feedback for the project. Then, Mr. Cason Ong added regarding to the AAM Phase II project, and the JAIF Project Proposal, most of the AAN members have agreed about these projects, but the main issue is about the budget, as the budget for the proposal is still too high, so it still needs to be discussed further on. Later on, Ms. NuNu said that she will send a follow-up in the AAN WhatsApp group to collect the feedback for AAM Phase II Project, and JAIF Project Proposal from each member country. Ms. NuNu also said that recently she just got a report from SMARTER Brunei that they need a help regarding to the current situation of Brunei. Mr. Cason also discussed about the issues in Brunei, including the government issues in Brunei, then followed Ms. Dang Koe who suggested regarding the sustainability issues in Brunei to be more sustainable in financial backing solution to assist the SMARTER Brunei, and according to Ms. NuNu, AAM Phase II, and JAIF Project Proposal are the best way to do that. Lastly, Ms. Dang Koe clarified that if all 10 member countries of AAM Phase II and JAIF Project Proposal’s working group has approved for these projects, then it should be submitted immediately, and she also added that the decision-making process for these projects should be sped-up.


Here is the group photo for the AAN Executive Committee February 2023 version.


Feb 28 2023


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