Enlightening ASEAN through A.C.T., Addressing Challenges Together, a new promising motto for Cambodia’s ASEAN Chairmanship

Enlightening ASEAN through A.C.T., Addressing Challenges Together, a new promising motto for Cambodia’s ASEAN Chairmanship.


Cemented itself as the ASEAN member state twice since 1999, Cambodia has returned to be the ASEAN Chair for the third time starting from October 2021, continuing the leadership torch from the previous successor, Brunei Darussalam. The presidency of ASEAN has rotated annually and is based on the alphabetical sequence of the English names of the member states.


The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, expressed his remarks and gratitude during the takeover ceremony to Brunei for successfully leading ASEAN in 2021, “I wish to commend Your Majesty the Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah for the wise and effective leadership as well as achieving many fruitful outcomes, including the Summits that have just been concluded.” Through this new role, it is fundamental for Cambodia to continue its successor to achieve regional prosperity of ASEAN.


Coming with a new theme: Addressing challenges together (ACT), it will give power and inspiration to support and cultivate a strong sense of the ASEAN community. Through the years, it has been proven that ASEAN togetherness has generated rapid prosperity, continuously improved people’s lives, and established a peaceful community among ASEAN members and the rest of the world. This achievement has made ASEAN the 5th strongest region in the world. Further, ASEAN Cities and Local Governments have crucial roles in bridging their citizens and merging with the ACT goals. As the current ASEAN leader, Cambodia is hoped to accomplish these important goals in building a strong and inclusive ASEAN Community and continuing to achieve together advancement, which is in line with the core spirit of ASEAN: One Vision, One Identity, and One Community.


Therefore, strong coordination and cooperation among ASEAN, its stakeholders, and external partners become essential. This is where ASEAN Mayors Forum, a platform hosted by the UCLG ASPAC for ASEAN cities leaders and officials to promote collaboration and togetherness among ASEAN nations, has a similar goal with ACT to accelerate the regional integration process in the ASEAN region. Since its initial establishment in 2011, ASEAN Mayors Forum (AMF) has been promoting sustainable peace, constructive co-operations, enhancing friendly relations, and providing a common ground for sustainable development of all Asian regions. Undoubtedly, this platform can be an integrated part of Cambodia’s journey in cooperating and leading cities and local governments at the ASEAN level. 


With its leadership and togetherness spirit, we strongly believe that Cambodia will continue to rally support and togetherness to achieve the goal of building ASEAN Communities and meet ASEAN COMMUNITY VISION 2025.


All in all, under the theme “ASEAN A.C.T.: Addressing Challenges Together,” we look forward to warmly welcoming the new chairmanship to Cambodia in 2022 for harmony, peace, and prosperity in the ASEAN region.

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